Friday, August 21, 2009

Secret Visitor

We've had a visitor for a couple of days now that we were not aware of until last night. I don't think it's been longer than a week.
It's not a cute and furry visitor. It's a yucky, yucky, yucky visitor. Last night Joel noticed mouse droppings under our kitchen sink. Well, needless to say he got an earful from me about it because I had warned him last year when he remodeled the kitchen that he'd left a hole that was way too big, and I have been waiting for this to happen ever since, even checking for droppings every month or so since. But I won't drag on my frustration here.
So last night we went out and got traps and poison. He cleaned up under the sink and carefully set a trap. I checked the trap later to see that the bait was gone and the trap was still set. Rotten trap! So we took it out, re-baited it and set another trap with it. At about 2am I heard the trap go off, and it sounded like it got something, it didn't sound like it hit wood. So a few seconds later my boys come into the room asking me if I wanted them to get it. "NO! leave it for dad!" duh.
Sure enough, we caught ourselves a mousey.... problem: the trap and the mouse fell down the hole. Problem: husband is freaked out about mice more than me (perhaps) and refuses to get gloves and pick it out himself. Solution: husband would rather sacrifice his beautiful Craftsman grilling tongs than a stupid fluffy work glove to avoid even feeling the squishy body of the mouse. I told him he has one week to solve this problem and if I find any mouse droppings after that, the bird is getting traded in for a cat. I hate cats. But I hate mice more than cats. I also hate not sleeping more than I hate cats, and last night I didn't sleep :(
When Joel wakes from his nap in a few minutes I think we are going to go buy 20 cans of spray foam.


Michelle said...

ROFL Sorry, I had to laugh at the part about Joel using his grill tongs. I would have used them too lol! Sorry you have a mouse problem! I hope you can get them all so you can sleep.

JoAnne and The Fam said...

Free dinner!

Jen said...

Oh my gosh JoAnne, soooo grosssss!
Maybe I'll toss it in your field ;)
I hope the garbage cans don't get too hot in the next few days. They are in the shade, so it's hopeful!

Anonymous said...

Ewwwwwwww! Gross I hope I never find a mouse in my house. Although we have had strawberry root weevils and now I have a crickett in my basement! Funny that Joel is freaked out by the mouse however I completely understand him not wanting to just use cloves I would have opted for the tongs too.


Anonymous said...

Sorry to tell you, but there is never just one. The best thing I ever bought was a glue pad. I think it was dark in color. I bought about six and kept them out till they were all caught.

1. pick the mouse out of the hole ASAP
2. spray foam around it and wait till the stink goes away (a month or two)
3. keep the glue pads out.

Good luck!