Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Day of two swims

Yesterday my kids had a fun treat! First, I decided to take them to playgroup, after all. I wasn't going to, because it was at a lake again and lakes really gross me out. But Joel had to study for a big test that he has tonight so I decided to be generous to both parties, and I also let them wear their swim suits, which was totally unexpected for them because we only swim at pools.
Then later in the day JoAnne invited us over to their house for more swimming. I had to go water the garden and was going to have the kids play on the tire swing hanging by our garden, but swimming at JoAnne's was much more fun! I decided to bring my camera for some shots.

This was a shot of Isaac bouncing a ball off of Jaeden's head.

I love this awesome duck they had in their pool. I think it had chlorine in it?

At one point JoAnne went into the house to make slushies, and I took the opportunity (of not being too embarrassed) to show my kids that I can still do a flip on a trampoline. I didn't land on my feet, but my kids were still amazed and thought it was great.


Justin and JoAnne said...

I love the duck shot. Yep, he's a chlorine distributor.
You guys are welcome anytime to come over.
I want to see one of those flips you claim to have made.

Kristy Lynne said...

I also want to see this flip!

DeAnna said...

Hey, I've seen her flip, and it is amazing!!!!

Maybe next time you can set up your video cam.......