Friday, August 14, 2009

Life is like a bike with daiseys

Ok, maybe it is more like a box of chocolates, but this is a really fun picture I took at my friend Ann's house tonight. She's so creative and fun!

Tonight I went out shooting some family portraits for a friend's family. Actually the mom and the daughter are people I consider to be good friends to our family. I've done a lot of work for them and they've been wonderful to me in sending customers. My other friend JoAnne came with me to help. She's so nice to volunteer, I feel bad that I can't think of things for her to help with, and when I do, I accidentally ask someone else to do it, hahaha. I love hanging out with JoAnne, I can talk to her pretty easily, which doesn't happen often with other people I meet. Also I love that she's got a big interest in photography. She has a great eye and I love seeing her perspective in images. I like having a friend to share that interest in common (she's totally going to kill me when she reads this- but that's ok, I wanted her to know I love her friendship).
I was thinking tonight about how lucky I am to have such great friends.
It's been a while, trying to fit into our ward, but I'm starting to make some really good friendships with people in it, not just with Ann and JoAnne, and it's feeling more like a family to me. I love that. I love having great people in my life who are uplifting and ... I don't know the word for it, I just feel good around them. I know I'm not likely to have an awkward moment with them, or have to explain how I live to them. They know, and are living it too.
Feels really good to have people like that in my life every day.


Justin and JoAnne said...

chills. thanks jen. i heart you.

Mara said...

Sweet post. You were great this weekend. Thank you so very much!

PS... my dad HATES that bike! :)
He frequently threatens to throw it in the lake.. hehe!