Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Almost made the decision

Thanks to the help of my dad and my friend Michelle I've pretty nearly come to the conclusion of what I am going to do as far as school.  It's not been an easy decision because of a number of reasons.  I'm going to channel my inner Rory Gilmore here and do my pro/con lists.

Pros for going back to college:
Because of Joel's being laid off last year and smaller income this year and government programs I'll be able to qualify for a lot of free money for college.

K-8 Education Licensure
K-8 Education pro list:
*only 3 years to get the degree
*will qualify me to work in schools, summers off, possibly in my own children's school
*98% can be done online
*degree is from a great college- Bemidji State

K-8 Education con list:
*pay would be limited
*limited hands on instruction
*limited interaction with other students
*not a bachelor's degree
*would be limited to being K-8, elementary education teacher

Special Education Bachelor's
*Special Education pro list:
*more hands on instruction
*more interaction with other students
*degree is from a great college- St. Cloud State
*variety of places other than schools that this degree can qualify me to work at including individual and social assistance agencies or residential facilities, or in homebound or hospital environments.
*Pay median is considerably much more than the other degree
*high in demand and future demand looks like there will be an increase which means greater chance for being hired

Special Education con list:
*Have to drive to school a few nights a week
*4 years to obtain degree, which also cuts into Jake's mission (was hoping to be working by then to help pay for his mission)
*Not many classes can be done online
*cost is more
*Because of Joy being in afternoon Kindergarten next year, my irst year's classes will have to be in the afternoon, which means Jake will have to watch kids for me during his Senior year.  Hopefully the kids will not bother him and let him study. He has decided not to wrestle next year so this will be helpful as well.

I've still yet to go over any of this with Joel.  He's been so busy with his new job and still working the other job.  I'm hoping I'll be able to have his attention sometime this weekend. So far I've only gotten out of him, "do whatever".

Jacob was surprisingly very supportive and enthusiastic about what I told him.  I went over this list with him last night and he was overwhelmingly in support of the Special Education Degree, and my heart is so full of love for him at that. My dad was also excited about the information I'd sent him.  I hope I get as enthusiastic of a response from Joel.


Anonymous said...

I think the special education one sounds great. I beleive you will be an awesome teacher.

That is one great kid that you have to help out with the younger ones and support you in getting your own education!


Brittanie said...

You are brave to do this and it is AWESOME! I am really impressed. My unsolicited advice: Go for the bachelors. A bachelors is something that they can't take away (meaning that it will always be what it is worth today). Also when hiring, those with bachelors often edge out others without just because of the degree.

I have two really close friends that are special ed teachers if you want to talk to people "in the field". Good LUCK!