Thursday, January 21, 2010

If you don't follow my 365

I still wanted to share today's post with you...

Today I ran around to a few thrift stores trying to find old pillows with forms inside that I could remove, wash and put a new fabric on. No luck. So then I ended up at Deal Smart with the thought, "Hey, they have pretty cheap stuff, I bet I could get a halfway decient pillow from them for cheap!" When I got in the store I headed right over to the household department. There were sheets, picture frames, rugs. And lucky me! There was a clearance section at the end of an isle loaded with pillows! I found a beautiful cream one that had a great rectangular shape to it, I thought it could be thicker, but if it's clearanced it will do. I'm thinking to myself, "This was a great idea! I bet this will do great!" Just look at this great pillow, with Joy holding it-


But then I looked at the price tag. Could this be a typo? Well, if it is, someone kept making it on all the other pillows on the clearance shelves.

Here is a picture of the pillow's price tag:


I don't think this was a typo because I found several other pillows that also had the same original price marked on them in another area of the store, but they were still at $29.99, and hadn't been marked down to the clearance price of $19.00 yet.

Guess I'm back to searching the isles of thrift stores again.

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