Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Congratulations are in order

to the people of California for passing Prop 8! YAY!

This is not about hate, or homophobia. This is about preserving something.
You don't hear people complaining about preserving old buildings, or nature, or pristine wilderness. You don't hear them calling people who want to build nature phobics.

It's not about fear or hate and it's also not about rights.

Same-sex couples can have the same rights as married people. And if they want to feel better they can throw some extra taxes to the government like married people do.

It's about the traditional family being broken down. The threads of our society being unraveled. The stable foundation of our government crumbling. The government relies on solid families to bring up good citizens to keep it running, keep the laws, build it up. But when families crumble, children are raised in the worst poverty known to us humans. I'm not talking about just monetary poverty.

There is one thing that the government will NEVER EVER be able to produce. You can look to the government to give you a hand out, save your home from foreclosure, fuel your cars and provide any service under the sun. But you will never be able to ask the government to bring children up to be good citizens. It takes families for that. Good solid families. Decades of research shows us that children need both a father and a mother. Children navigate the developmental stages more easily, are more solid in their gender identity, perform better in academic tasks at school, have fewer emotional disorders and become better functioning adults when they are reared by dual-gender parents. I also believe that children brought up in a dual gender parent home, who have parents who are good to each other and their children, who take their vows seriously, who provide for their family, will have children who will grow up to have similar familial relationships. Less dead-beat dads, less children in poverty, less teen pregnancies. Let's face it, the more relaxed society gets about these moral behaviors the worse the situation gets with teen pregnancies, unwanted pregnancies, children in poverty, crime, etc.

Gee.... thanks 70's.

Of course we have no control over people's agency, and there are people out there with serious mental issues, and so nothing is ever 100%.

California wasn't the only state to vote on gay issues. Florida adopted a marriage amendment -- passing it 62-38 percent and surpassing the necessary 60 percent super majority -- while Arizona passed its own marriage amendment, 56-44 percent, two years after citizens there had become the first state to defeat an amendment. Three-fifths (30) of the states now have adopted a marriage amendment.

I am at disagreement with most politicians out there. I realize that marriage currently is a state issue, however I think it should be a federal issue. We cannot have people traveling across the country being recognized in one state and not in another as a legally married couple.

It's about time citizens had the vote and not activist judges!