Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Going on our second round

of the yucky stomach flu bug.
Joshua, like last time, was the first to bring it home. Now I've spent all night and all day with Joy holding the empty ice cream bucket for her and re-pinning her hair back while the poor thing keeps emptying her stomach. It was finally empty this morning when she snuck a drink and then we started all over again.
My poor little sweetie keeps begging me, "can I have just a little ice?" and "I'm really hungry mommy!" My heart just hurts that I have to keep denying her. I want to feed her and make her water, but I know her stomach won't hold it down yet.

Yet another reason I'm seriously considering home schooling again. I'm so sick of being sick!


Michelle said...

Sorry you're all sick again. I hope everyone's health returns quickly.

BTW you have ruined my love for ice cream. *sigh*

Ginabear said...

Michelle, you so totally crack me up!!
Jen, I am sooo sorry little Josh is sick...AGAIN...poor kid. Poor you too not getting any sleep. I really really really hope you dont get it too. We cant ALL be sick for cryin out loud!! Hope it passes soon!!

Anonymous said...

Augghhh poor kids. That totally sucks. We went in yesterday and got our flu hopefully it will skip up because I have been sick enough this year. Poor Tyler had to get five shots! He looked sick last night and this morning he was so pale.

Anyways I hope the bug passes quickly.