Sunday, November 23, 2008

Wanna see a sweetie?

go here... to my photography blog. I was so excited to finally meet this little girl. She is the daughter of a couple in our ward, a really neat couple. She recently had heart surgery to fix a problem, I guess is common with children who have Downs Syndrome.
I just LOVE these ones I put up. I have only worked on these four so far. I usually take Sunday's off of work and edit during the week.
Anyway, I was really happy she is finally well enough for me to come over and do a session for her. Hopefully we will see her in church soon.
Today we celebrated Joy's 4th birthday. Her real birthday is on the 28th, but because of Thanksgiving we decided to have it early. Oh my gosh, I can't believe how big she is. I feel so sad that she's not so little anymore.
She still has the cutest little feet. One tender foot has a birthmark dot on it. She has moon shaped feet and walks pigeon toed. The doctor hasn't' suggested any treatment for it yet, but I think it looks so cute. I hope she outgrows it, before she starts sports.
Truth be told she is my spoiled little one, and it is because she is my last, and because she's a girl, and because she looks like me and acts like me. I can spoil one of my kids, right?
I'm just really happy that she's here and part of our family.


Kate said...

Awww . . . I love the pics of Ellie . . . what a sweetheart . . . and I love how you can tell her parents are totally in love with her! :)
Happy 4th Birthday on Friday to Joy! I think she's quite aptly named! :)

Ginabear said...

Your pics are soooo fantabulous Jen! They are so lucky to have you as their photog! Awww my Joy is growing up so fast! I knew we had a bond, I walk pigeon toed too, hehe. It didnt affect my sports at all but they told my parents it was a hip thing but never did anything with it. Happy birthday my sweet Joy, I miss your cheeks and our cuddles on the couch! Give her a big hug for me will ya? Cant wait to see more pics!

Michelle said...

Happy birthday to Miss Joy!! 4 years old, such a big girl now!

And yes, the pictures of Ellie are so sweet! I loved them all. :D