Sunday, November 30, 2008

Facebook Quiz

Here are the answers to my facebook quiz for those of you who took it and would like to know what you got wrong :)

1 Q: When did Jen get her first kiss?
A:When she was 8, it was the boy across the street and the neighborhood kids kept bugging us to kiss, until finally we did, to make them finally hush, of course.

2 Q: Jen had a pet of her own when she was 12, what was it?
A: horse, my beloved Gidge

3 Q: What was her pet's name?
A: Gidget

4 Q: What was Jen's first album she ever owned?
A: Phill Colins, No Jacket Required - this was a little tricky, because I actually conned my little brother out of it. He won it at school, but didn't have a record player. I did. I also had Grease, but it was on an 8 track.... oh man, I feel old.

5 Q: When Jen was young, where did she mine for gold?
A: In her parent's fireplace - I took a hammer to their white stone fireplace after discovering that it had golden flecks in it I believed were gold.

6 Q: Jen is missing an adult front lower middle tooth, why?
A: She pulled it out to get more money from the tooth fairy- I have only 3 teeth in the front on the bottom. I accidentally mistook it for a loose baby tooth and worked it out.

7 Q: How many holes does Jen have in her ears?
A: Two in one ear, three in the other... had a really good reason! Well, not for the two (that was my wild side), but the third hole in my ear was because my sil had talked my son Jacob into getting his ear pierced. So to scare him out of it I took him to the mall and I had my left ear pierced once, and I cried when she did it and made a huge fuss and carried on so much it scared him out of it. I did it to save my son's ear.

8 Q: What is Jen's favorite thing to do when she has free time
A: shop - uh, yeah, I actually do like to shop for fun stuff when I have time. I don't like grocery shopping, but I do love window shopping.

9 Q: What is Jen's favorite color?
A: White - I LOVE white. Love, love, love, love it.

10 Q: How old will Jen be on December 14?
A: 37 - shock ya? I hope so! I hope I don't look my age. Although I'm sure my 10 years of smoking will catch up to me.... some day.


Anonymous said...

I didn't know you had facebook. I have a page too...mostly just to locate old friends I just use my myspace all the time. Anyway rambling. Hope you had a good Thanksgiving.


Michelle said...

NO FAIR! Some of those I answered right and the stupid quiz said I got it wrong! Dang. :P Well, it's nice to know I knew you better than I thought I did. :)