Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Hey Brian Ehrler from New York

Ok, so tonight in my email is a message that was left on my blog under the story about the dog poop brownies. Now I really hate it when people "hit and run" a blog post, so I'm going to stop the trolley and post about it.
Brian apparently found me doing a Google about dog poop brownies... odd thing to search for Brian... but I suppose it was an odd thing for me to write about as well.
So Brian's comment was this, "What a great story... too bad your choice in blog music does not match your written beliefs. "
Ok. Hmmmm.... I'm a little confused by this comment. Perhaps I have been careless in my song choices and have chosen a song that has a hidden meaning I don't know about... or maybe some lyrics I haven't combed over.... or maybe I am right, it's hard to avoid dog poop brownies.
If anyone would care to point out the song that is not up to my standards I would love to have you point it out so that I may chose to remove it. Nothing drives me more nuts than a liberal hypocrite, so I certainly don't want to be one.
And Brian if you ever come back I'd like to know which song you felt contained dog poop.


Ginabear said...

Ok Mr. Brian hit and run person, I am a music freak and have been researching Jen's playlist and am very confused as to what songs you are referring to. Jen is not even close to being a (liberal)hypocrite. How judgemental of you to assume that she doesnt practice what she preaches. Prove me wrong and come back and set us all straight. However regardless of your opinion or facts, Jen would never knowingly support something that is against her principles and therefore if she has songs here that are contrary to that, then she was not aware of that fact. But we will probably never know because you are on the run...hmmm wonder what that says???

Jen said...

Hahaha! You go Gina!
Brian, you didn't know I come with a mother bear, did you? lol.

sogratefultobemormon.wordpress.com said...

i'll be a mama bear protective of you, too! growl! hehehe. you're awesome, kathleen :)