Thursday, April 3, 2008

Spring Fever?

Every spring since I was a teenager I start getting insomnia and can't sleep. I stay up late, and don't feel tired at night, although I go through the day yawning. Suddenly I'm a night owl.
I'm not sure what the cure is. Any suggestions?


Ginabear said...

Well maybe if I wasnt such a bad influence ;) I am the same way though. I become a night owl when theh weather gets nice.

Brother D said...

Velarian Root. Take one an hour before bedtime. Not addictive and no hangover effect the next day. It's an herb that Heather's doctor recommended when she was having trouble sleeping and we asked if there was anything natural that worked good rather than a prescription. I've tried it a few times and sleep a little sounder and wake up feeling good.

One warning. The stuff stinks really bad so take it fast and get the lid back on the bottle!

julie said...

UGH! How irritating. There are some herbal teas that help you relax and get to sleep. You can buy these in any grocery store. Good luck!

julie said...

I just came up with the perfect solution...Go out and buy a governmental accounting book from any university book store. Get yourself a nice relaxing cup of tea, curl up in a cozy spot and read that book. You'll be asleep in minutes guarantee! At least it worked for me every time I tried to read it in college! PURE torture!