Wednesday, April 9, 2008


My visit went really well, and other than the dentist's limp handshake, I really liked him, he was very nice. I also like his prices. I start on next Monday with the plan they put together for me. I hope to have it all done by June, I'm sure they can have it done before then, but the last little bit will have to wait until I have been paid for a wedding I'm shooting in June.

The hygienist was super nice and chatty, I loved that. She also kept commenting on how pretty my teeth were, which made me feel good. She asked me if I've had braces and I've been asked that before, nice to say I haven't, I was lucky in that department. She also kept chatting with me about how I quit smoking in 1999. I told her about using the patch, but somehow felt uncomfortable about telling her that that was the first time I'd asked the Lord to help me with it, when I was going back to activity in the church. But I just want to say now, that I never would have been able to quit if I hadn't involved the Lord in it.

The total cost is about what I was expecting, which is nice. No shockers there. But it was a shocker to find out that a tooth one dentist claimed was cracked is in fact not cracked and only has a shallow filling that has broken. Only one new cavity in the last 4 years. My gums are tight and look great, and I didn't have a lot of plaque. I'm a good brusher, however I don't floss very well. She was hoping that my gums would be in worse shape so she could push flossing on me, but she said that I prolly wouldn't listen since they were doing so good, hahaha.

Monday I begin my treatment with the removal of some roots of a tooth that lost it's crown a couple of weeks ago.


Michelle said...

Yay for a great appointment! I didn't know you needed a lot of work done. It sounded like your teeth are doing pretty well, what else will last until June?

Jen said...

I can have most all of it done by June. The last part I could have done and just pay it off when I get paid for the wedding. The last part I'll wait on is having the tops of the front bottom teeth sealed because they are worn down too far and a soft layer is exposed.

Michelle said...

Oh no! I'm glad you're getting it taken care. I hope you love the results. :)

Misty Dawn said...

I'll be thinking of you! My heart goes out to you - I had over 20 cavities at one time... 'nuff said.