Wednesday, April 2, 2008

I can cook!

Oh you don't know how happy that makes me that I can cook in my kitchen again! I never thought I could say this but I am so sick of eating out!
However, I do have plans for eating out on Saturday. My husband's favorite restaurant Totino's has moved to our neighborhood and just opened... so exciting! So I'm planning on taking us to Totino's to celebrate my kitchen being opened again, hahaha... ironic eh?
Just a few more finishing touches and the place is going to look fabulous! I have some pictures but will have to post them tomorrow because right now I'm trying to get my laptop back into service again.
Who would have known that non-working USB ports would cause the Geek Squad to totally replace the motherboard and the hard drive??? Adeau.


Ginabear said...

Super cool Jen! I know how anxious you've been to cook again! I cant wait for the pics. I bet it looks awesome!!

julie said...

I like your Anne Taintor! They are classic, in more ways than one!