Wednesday, April 23, 2008


I was just thinking the other night that nobody's passed around a good meme lately, then I saw this one at Kathleen's and decided to play along.
Here's my shot at it.

1) What was the first music album you ever bought with your own money? I don't even remember... however, I do remember my brother Dan won a Phill Collins record, and I tried my best to get it out of his hands. I'm almost thinking it was a Judds tape.

2) If you were a flavor of ice cream, what would it be, and why? Bubblegum. Because it's my favorite ice cream flavor (minus the chicklets). It's pink and fun and reminds me of good times.

3) What is your favorite item of clothing? My monkey socks. They are like these, only with a sock monkey and a banana.

4) When it comes to other people’s personal grooming, what is your biggest pet peeve? B/O. Last week I actually FELL OFF a treadmill because a guy next to me smelled so bad! Hahaha. I am not kidding.

5) Which character on Sesame Street embodies your personality the most? Prairie Dawn, she's sweet and mothering and smart and she sings a good song :)

I tag Gina, Michelle and Misty Dawn

2 comments: said...

hi jen — great to see you again. glad you enjoyed. i got a kick out of reading your post on this, too. signed, giggly elmo ((hugs back at you girl))

Michelle said...

Ok, I'm working on this right now before I forget again.

I love your sesame street character. I can totally see it. :)