Saturday, June 28, 2008

A few things

Well, I realized today that I didn't do my "Thursday's Thumbs" as I had promised. The news of Julie's death early that day made me totally forget it. So I will do it at the end of this post.
I got my camera back today from West Photo, and it seems to be working pretty good. They got it in yesterday but nobody called me, and I didn't know until today when I called to check up on it and the lady said she knew nothing about it, so I'd asked about renting a camera in a couple of weeks for a session and a wedding. She transferred me to someone who recognized my name and knew my camera came in yesterday, so yippie!!! :) I'm so glad "Dawg" came home so soon.

They grow up too fast
One day this week we were at the gym and Joyanna and Joshua had been teased at the YMCA that they were married to each other. Joy said to me, “We’re not married, Dave is my boyfriend.” Hmmm…. Dave? So later I asked her about her boyfriend and she informed me she had “three boyfriends, Dave and Will.” No mention of a third. Then a few days later I was asking her about her boyfriend, “What’s his name?” She answers, “Dave…. And he’s human and has a house and chipmunks.” Ohhhh, THAT Dave, hahaha! I didn’t realize that she was having her first crush on a Hollywood star. . . At least it’s not Alvin, Simon or Theodore, hee hee.

Thumbs Up!
GPS- Garmin Nuvi 200- For our anniversary my husband gave me something I've been asking about for a long time. I mostly thought we'd get one for him, because of his flying and all, but it's really neat that I got one for my van. This thing is small, lightweight and awesome! It speaks to you and tells you where to turn. You can save favorite locations to chose quickly and easily, such as "home". If you get lost, just press "home" and you're on your way! You can also download fun vehicles to represent you on the map... my personal favorite is the pink girlie car. It's easy to see and read from your seat, and it shows surrounding areas, which I love because I love to check out parks, and I can see them on my map and find my way to them easily.
The only downside to this is that it's not aware that 35W has been collapsed over the Mississippi bridge and it has tried to take me over it. But I knew it was closed, so I started to take a detour, and the Nuvi quickly recalculated my trip and accommodated for my change in direction, that is awesome!

Thumbs Down!

I have no Thumbs Down for this week.


Ginabear said...

Way fun gift! I can just see you cruisin around, finding new places to take pics. What a nice hubby! Joyanna CRACKS ME UP!!!! She is sooo cute!! I think I will use that name too, Dave, my new boyfriend! :)

Anonymous said...

Stay off that 35W Bridge, no matter how many times your guide sends you that way!!!

Anyway, have fun changing your car every week.