Thursday, June 12, 2008


I had the 30D into West Photo for sensor cleaning two weeks ago and it came back acting wierd. They aren't claiming any responsibility for what's going on with it. The shutter button is lagging and then not working at all at times. It will auto focus, but then has to warm up for several shots before the shutter button will start acting normal.
I sent it in for repairs, and had to reserve another 30D as a rental for a wedding I have in two weeks. They didn't even discount me on the rental. Grrrr. I'm not happy with them at all, but I don't know of any other shop in town that does what they do.


Anonymous said...

Keep trying to go up with the company for a free redo, you would think the owner could override the regular employees who can't do too much about it.

If this company won't help you , check on the web to find the manufacturer and try to figure out what went wrong. For sure they will help you. Unfortunately, you will probably have to send it to them for a tuning, for a price.

We had to do that once to our favorite camera. I'm so sorry!

Act soon, so you don't have to keep renting.

Luv ya,

Jen said...

Thanks Banana.
Unfortunately, it was the owner I did my business with, so there's no heads over his to go to :(
He's already sent my camera to Canon for fixing. Wish he would give me a discount on the rental however.

Michelle said...

What a pain in the neck! That's too bad the owner wasn't helping you more. I'm really sorry Jen. :(

julie said...

This is too annoying! Customer no-service! UGH!

I am back to the virtual world, and wanted to stop by and say "hi." I hope you are well!