Monday, June 2, 2008

A Sad Thing

So I mentioned earlier how our neighbor children have been coming around the house. It's gotten so we can't even go out to the car without someone coming over wanting to play. It's mostly fine, sometimes a little annoying. One thing that bothers me is that one neighbor's daughters are always eating some sort of junk food and trying to share it with my kids. I keep junk food at a minimum with my kids. I don't let them chew gum or drink pop. That's what ruined my teeth. Juice ruined Joshua's teeth.
Their little girl that starts Kindergarten next year has rotting front teeth. It's so sad. The dad just spent a few thousand on a new porch because their last one broke, instead of taking her to a dentist. Just makes my heart hurt for her. This morning she came over in the morning with a bag of M&M's. I wouldn't let my kids have any until after lunch, and then I only let them have a handful.
I've told them several times not to give my kids gum, and then have found Joy with gum. The older two tell them "no thank you", but Joy hasn't learned to say that yet. I've told my kids now that if I find her with gum again, they will not be allowed to play here anymore.
That's sad, because it's been nice to have kids around for my kids to play with.


Anonymous said...

Totally lucky kids to have a mom who cares!!!!

Anonymous said...

Maybe you could talk to the other mom. She may think she is being helpful by sending enough to share.

Michelle said...

I would also talk to the other mom. That's frustrating when you don't your own kids to have so much and then other people go against that. Hopefully it doesn't happen again!

Lorie said...

I don't know if I agree with others about talking to the mom. It may cause more problems? I just can't seem to picture my kids going away to someone elses house all the time. That is kind of sad to me.
In Kentucky, they passed a law that each school year, kids have to have a doctor, eye, and denist visit and a record of it has to be kept on file. A lot of kids are now getting the help they need! KY is #1 in the contrey for teeth loss. lol even David Letterman talked about it on his show. But really it is definately not something to laugh about and there is lots of research to prove that the infections from teeth can lead to other problems even leading to death. So, it is very sad to see a kid like that. Seems to me that the parent just does not care from what you have said so far. Junk food and bad teeth kind of go together. I have to push my kids to brush there teeth and I am willing to bet that the mother does not care if they are brushing or not?? Sad!

Jen said...

Actually it's the dad that is watching them in the day. Rarely do we see the mom, she works all day.
Yesterday she had Doritos and Mt.Dew for breakfast :(