Monday, October 13, 2008

Please re-read- New Edited Version

You might've been a flapper in the 1920s.
You possess the same reckless spirit that inspired women in the 1920s to cut their hair, wear short skirts, and flirt up a storm. If you get a kick out of acting and dressing in ways that other people find shocking, it could mean you were a flapper in a previous life. You're an independent spirit, and you tend to rebel against people in positions of authority. You like staying out late, and the wilder the plans are, the better -- you'd love to end up at an underground party where nobody gets in the door unless they know the password.

You know what, I think this test knows me better than any other test I've taken.
I've thought about it a lot since taking it.
I've been trying to live conservatively for the last 8 years, but really on the inside I am very much like this. If I ever allowed myself to be my true free spirit, this is how I'd be.
It's so hard sometimes to be good, because I do have a reckless spirit inside.


Ginabear said...

Hehe, apparently I went down with the Titanic! You might've been a passenger on the Titanic.
You have an inner strength and calmness that could have developed during a traumatic past life experience. You seem very protective of the people you love, and you'd do anything to keep them safe from harm. Maybe you were a child's nanny on the Titanic, and your only thought after the ship hit that iceberg was to get the baby onto a lifeboat. If you stay focused in the face of danger, it could be because you developed that ability a hundred years ago on the open sea.

Kate said...

Interesting . . . my results were the same as Gina's . . . :)

Anonymous said...

Huh I had the same results as your friend Gina. What do you think are we similar people? Haha