Friday, October 24, 2008

A Sometimes MeMe

Sometimes I just need: arms around me
Sometimes I want: to just keep driving
Sometimes I like to: volunteer at my kids school
Sometimes all it takes: is all I have
Sometimes I picture: us in a home in the country with no neighbors, my kids running wild and free, dogs yapping, horses running around, fresh air and the sound of nature all around. Maybe it will have to be the grandkids.
Sometimes I wish: I could find corn husk wrappers at my local grocery store
Sometimes I find: people to be utterly amusing
Sometimes I take: too long getting ready
Sometimes I look: for my sunglasses or keys
Sometimes I hate: hearing my family whine about what's for dinner
Sometimes it’s nice: to feel the warm sun on my face
Sometimes it hurts: the day after I raise my weights in the gym
Sometimes it makes me happy: to work on pictures all day
Sometimes it’s sad: when I have to chose one child over the other
Sometimes I listen: to the scriptures
Sometimes I sleep: only 6 hours a night
Sometimes I like to watch: reality tv
Sometimes I feel: itchy
Sometimes I rant: about politics
Sometimes I never: shut up
Sometimes I really: want a snaptotes bag, but the price scares me!


Michelle said...

Geez Jen, you should really shush up, you talk way too much. ;)

Store corn huskers - now that's my kind of thinking!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks this was fun.