Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Was probably the last warm day we will have this year. We got out and spent most of the afternoon working and playing. I got out the camera for some fun shots too.

This is Duky's shoe, he lost playing soccer in the street.

My lavender is doing really well in the cooler temps.

These are Josh's worn out jeans, sad thing is, I probably bought him these in September!

Joel fixing our front steps.

I love how the light shone through this leaf, making it's color more spectatular!

And this little guy will be gone soon, having played the summer away.


Beth said...

Jen, these are fantastic! They all seem to have the makings of a motivational poster or something.

The leaf is my favorite. I love the contrast of the black, gritty background with the bright orange.

Ginabear said...

I LOVE these! My fav is the one of Josh's jeans, I can sooo picture him in them. I love fall and all the colors! I also love your randomness and the things you choose to take pics of, not your norm but sooo awesome and beautiful!!