Sunday, March 21, 2010


For the last few years I've gotten seasonal depression. This has been a hard winter on me. One of the reasons I haven't blogged much. I hate blogging negative stuff and it seems lately everything is negative. I really want to be positive and uplifting and my natural self likes to look at the lighter side of things.
I'm feeling better this week with more sunshine and I've been taking some vitamin D that I think might be kicking in now. I'm feeling more antsy to get out and play and have contact with people again.
Last night Joel and I got out on a date. Bad us, we skipped the adult session of Stake Conference. I considered us on vacation, even though we weren't actually out of town. We went to the eye doctor and got Joel set up with a prescription and glasses. I think he picked out a pair that will look good on him and be functional as he needs bifocals.
Then we went to Red Lobster for their Lobster Fest. We started out with a hot lobster dip and tortilla chips and both had steak and lobster. The tails were huge compared to what I got at Outback Steakhouse. I still have to say my most favorite place to get surf n' turf is a little Mexican restaurant in St. Paul called Casa Veja. Their steak was so tender, even though it was well done and the lobster tail was seasoned really good and the dipping butter was great.
We then went and saw Alice in Wonderland in 3-D. I think the 3-D effects were pretty good throughout the whole movie, but I was really disappointed that the colors didn't show well through the dark glasses we had to wear. So we basically had to trade in the wonderful colors of Wonderland for the 3-D effect. Boooo. The movie was good and I think it was a lot less scary than Where the Wild Things Are. Our kids are going to like it when they get to see it. We ended our date with a trip to Cub Foods for ice cream, hot fudge and children's Tylenol.
I like getting out with Joel. We don't have a lot to talk about when we are, but it's nice to just be with him alone.
Tomorrow Jake is going to try again, after school, to get his driver's licence. Wish him luck!


Erin said...

Jen! I told my doc that I was feeling the same way and he had me go get my Vitamin D levels checked. Turns out they were very LOW! No surprise for those of us in MN! He prescribed Vit D once a week. It's supposed to help with SAD, energy level, etc. I wasn't going to get it tested but I'm glad I did. Just a thought. :)

DeAnna said...

Hey, sorry to hear you are feeling down. I agree with Erin, try a few things, (like Vit. D) and see if any help. If not, I'll tell you what I do. Oh, and YOU are Loved!!!

Fun to hear your Peter Brienholt. He was in Jerusalem for a semester with us when he was a student.