Monday, March 15, 2010

I saw the title today

for my life.
Actually it's the title for a book, but it sure could apply to my life. The book is called-

"The other great depression : how I'm overcoming, on a daily basis, at least a million dysfunctions and finding a spiritual (sometimes) life" by Richard Lewis.
I'm not reading the book, I just happened to come upon the title when doing a search for something else.

I wonder how many people I know can relate on some level to this title.

So, in a recent post I complained about this body I have. Life is ironic. Now, at the end of the month, I get to give a talk at church about what a blessing it will be to have this body for forever after I'm resurrected. Oh how bitterly funny life can be. Although this body may become perfected, I on the inside will probably not. The topic: The Resurrection of Christ Gives Us Hope.

In other news: Jake did not pass his first time taking the driver's test. He is very mad about it. At the end of the test the instructor told him, "Well, you passed, except for this one turn you took from the wrong lane which means an automatic fail. Try again in a week."

I took him back to the intersection in question and I don't know how it is that he made a turn from the wrong lane, the lanes are clearly marked, so the fail is unclear. He'll try again next week, poor kid.

Also I am getting excited about going back to school. I bought a new bag for my netbook and a new calendar for keeping track of my schedule. My pocket one doesn't hold much writing and this new one does, but it's not too big to be awkward to carry around.

Tonight I re-watched the last episode of Gilmore Girls. I miss that show so much. I wish I lived in a town like Stars Hollow, where everything is in walking distance and everyone in the community had lives that interconnected. My neighborhood however, everyone hates each other and can't wait to see each other evicted. I am not ready to leave my home in this neighborhood yet, but someday we are going to bust out of here and find a nicer place to live and maybe take our home with us.


Anonymous said...

Well I failed my written test the first time. I'm sure he will pass the next test...GO JAKE!

I miss GG to...I get upset after watching the last episode. *sigh Also I had to mention every time I watch I wish I lived in SH too! hehe


DeAnna said...

Too sad. Don't worry, we won't tell anyone! You get it the next time!!