Saturday, March 6, 2010

Hurry up!

I wish spring would hurry up and get here! I love this warmer weather, but I'm so hating puddles and mud. I want to take my kids to playgrounds again and just hang out outside in general. I'm tired of being stuffed up in the house and stuffy air.
Today Josh and Jaeden begin their first swimming lessons. Joy is far ahead of them in swimming. She's got no fear and is doing great. The other two I foresee are going to be chickens for this first lesson, but I hope they will gain confidence and courage as the lessons progress. I wish I could take pictures or videos, but the YMCA won't let me use a camera in the pool area. Dang it!
Last week we bought another car for our family, as we will have three drivers in the next couple of week, we hope anyway. We found a '96 Lumina that we feel was a great find and perfect for our needs. We expect and will be happy if it runs until Jake goes on a mission. We are not sure what we will do with it then, as we can't have it sitting around for a couple of years.
Joel was told yesterday by Account Temps that he will not be represented by them because of his DWI's he had 20+ years ago. This is really sad that mistakes he made as a young person has come back to haunt him in the way of employment after rehabilitation and years of making right choices, and not even so much as a ticket in the last 20 years. He's not the same person he was all those years ago. He's reformed. He's just finished 7 years of college, earning 3 degrees, while working a full time job at a place he's been employed at for 20 years and being the sole provider for his family. Yet, some people in society cannot pardon and forgive this man his youthful mistakes. Tragic. But no matter, he is not unemployable. The FAA pardoned him, and that's an even bigger entity than some minuscule temporary employment company. He recently has been hired as a flight instructor and as a tax preparer and someday soon he will be hired at some wonderful job who will know that he is going to be a great asset to their company.

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DeAnna said...

Yeah, plus we love him, too!
What a great guy!!!!!

Can he have his record expunged?