Monday, March 29, 2010

So glad it's done!

You have no idea what I have been through this last week and I am so glad it's done!
Now I can move onto other things, like portrait sessions and blogging and cooking and shopping and cleaning and all that other good stuff :)

Today I am going to work on a sample Accuplacer test to prepare for an upcoming one I have to take at the college next month (which really begins this week).
This morning I applied and sent in my application fee and also set up an account with the school.

I'm so nervous!
I worry that my family won't be very helpful while I go to school. I think Jake will, but I know the three little kids are going to be harder to get to work on making less work for me.
I'm nervous that I won't qualify for much help and have to take out huge loans.
I worry about the last three years of going to school that our finances will be ok without me working. I can do weddings in the summers, but I will have limited time for session during the rest of the year. I'd like to take on all I can, still.
Jake will be on a mission in two years, which will mean my last two years will be completed without him being here to help.
I'm more worried about not going and not taking the risk and chance to make our lives better.

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Anonymous said...


I have no doubt that you can pull this off. I think everyone that has kids and trys to go back to school gets worried that they can't do it but I'm sure you can!

Yay for Jennifer!!!!