Saturday, March 20, 2010

I am loving up this sunshine! It is so distracting to me, however. I'm supposed to be preparing a talk and two lessons but all I can think of is laying on my couch (because it's too cold outside to set up my hammock) and soaking up the sun! Shame on me.

I was trying to get our family out of town for the weekend too, but that didn't pan out. Two kids had swimming lessons this afternoon and I just couldn't find anything I thought would be fun to do in the cold. So I ditched the out of town idea and now it's just going to be date night for the husband and me. I hope that at least those plans work out.

Jake is retaking his test on Monday, I hope he gets his license! So many times this week it would have come in handy, like the night I thought I'd ran out of Crispix cereal right in the middle of making puppy chow or the night he went to Wild Buffalo Wings and I wanted him home at 11 but he had to wait until a friend could drop him off because he wasn't driving his own car. I hope he passes this time!