Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I finished the 6 skirts for my girls tonight :) They look super cute. I'll have to take pictures later. I have enough cloth for two brown skirts, but I ran out of waistband. I was also thinking of making pillows for them out of it instead, for their bedroom or hanging around. I might use a coupon and get a couple of pillow forms instead. I'd found a great pattern from a friend who just made some, they turned out super cute :)

Joel went to the job fair on Monday, but there were only a few employers there. He filled out applications at a few of them, mainly the IRS. He's applied with them before, and he also found another job within them to apply for again. So he's put in 3 applications with them so far, lol. Guess he really wants to work for them.


Anonymous said...

Good luck on that job hunt!!!!!
I guess if you have to keep applying to the same employer, they will eventually notice you!

Luv ya,

Justin and JoAnne said...

Did you say coupon? :)

Mara said...

Pillows? Who made pillows? :) I am going to make some more!

JoAnn fabric coupons are awesome. (did you know you can use Michael's coupons at JoAnn's?? you can't use them on fabric, but you can use them on anything else!)