Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A Project Undertaking

Ok, so I'm trying to be brave and take on new things, expand my skills, etc. I wasn't expecting this project, and actually thought I was done sewing for a few years, except in much needed cases like hemming pants or fixing a torn seam. So I had put away my machine up at our storage unit just a day before coming across this pattern. I just HAVE to make my girls these! They look so easy and I love easy. Also because I've been trying to find them modest Easter dresses since January with no luck, I think that sewing them something has become my only option for this year. So with the pattern in mind, I headed out to the stores to buy what I needed.

I bought for Jaeden a blue material with two contrasting blue and yellow circles on it, blue ribbon trim, and later at WalMart I found a blue shirt to match!

For Joy I bought a pink material with white flowers, and pink and brown striped ribbon to match, and later at WalMart I found her a brown shirt to match.


Then for both girls I found a brown material with blue, green, pink and cream flowers on it, and the same blue ribbon to trim the blue skirt will trim the brown skirts. I also bought them more blue and brown shirts to go with.


So now both girls have one brown and one blue shirt and then two skirts to interchange.


Wish me luck!!!

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Ginabear said...

wow, it almost makes me wanna learn how to sew....almost! Way cute Jen! Dont forget to take pics of the girls in them, cant wait to see!!