Tuesday, March 31, 2009

If you aren't mad, then you aren't paying attention!

Wake up America... the America you know and love is being washed down the drain in the name of money and politics and your rights are being blatantly taken away! It's not even being done secretly. It's being done out in the open right before your eyes and YOU ARE NOT PAYING ATTENTION!!!!

I can't believe there isn't rioting in the streets today.
Today our government took an unthinkable step and nobody seems to be outraged.
So what if you think, "They're too rich and crooked anyway, they deserve it". So what if you have class envy. So what if you think it's justified and their success is undeservable.
It's just not right!
Our government should not be in the business of taking over businesses and firing employees. In America a business should be allowed to not only succeed, but also to FAIL!
If these experienced business people can't keep a business afloat, how does America think that our government officials who have absolutely NO EXPERIENCE running businesses will succeed? THEY CAN'T!

This, as far as I am concerned, is a hostile take over of our banking, economy, and business systems. Our government was not created to do this! This is why our country was created, to get away from that, and it worked for several hundred years. Our system isn't broken. We don't need bailouts. Companies and banks failing is a natural checks and balances of our economic system. But too many of you are scared and afraid to ride the roller coaster during the down times. What fun is a roller coaster if it only goes up and up?

My husband just emailed me an article written by a woman named Kate Knuth. She went to the same school my son goes to now. She's our local representative and our neighborhood is counting on her to save them from the destruction of MnDOT. She recently wrote an article about how bad our state deficit is looking and how the only way she sees out is higher taxes. She claims that if we do cuts it's going to first affect our old and young in the way of nursing homes and education cuts.... why is it that every time we talk about cuts, the threat is to our vulnerable? Why can't we make cuts on bike paths, and parks and football and baseball stadiums. Why can't we cut back on bailing out airlines and zoos and other non-essentials? She's not fooling me, and I hope that there aren't too many stupid people who buy her load of ... well, you know what it is. Who does she think she's fooling?
I don't even consider us middle income, my husband (before being laid off) was our only source of income (my photography made beans). Our income is under $70 grand a year, yet we pay over 30% in taxes. After taxes and IRA we were living on half of what he made. So you tell me... how far will you let your government tax you before you stand up and say, "Enough is enough!!!" How much are you willing to give to the never ending appetite of our government spenders? 35%? 40%? 45%? 50%? Are you willing to take a pay cut? That's exactly what it is when your government taxes you more. Are you willing to pick up more hours to pay that extra tax? That's what you will have to do to maintain your life style.

Do you not see that you are a slave to your government?
I thought slavery was outlawed. Apparently it's not, if it's in the form of working for a government master that takes everything you have, including your ability to have a business and either succeed or fail at your business.


Anonymous said...

I hear ya! I am if full agreement w/ the fact that our government needs to quite taking money away from our vulnerable and start taking it away from things that aren't as important....like building a vikings stadium! There are so many other things that can be cut but they keep taking the money from the same areas!

Not to mention we can't afford to pay more taxes. We don't make a million a year we are a lower income family and we just can't afford to be paying more!


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