Sunday, March 22, 2009

First Time... Wasn't So Painful

Yesterday was our stake's Humanitarian Day. Wards put together projects to help out people in need. Most of the projects involved sewing and stuff I didn't have a talent for, but one ward had enough people sign up to bring the Memorial Blood Mobile. This bus was much smaller than the one they brought to the Anoka Stake Center when I was in charge of the drive, but it looks like they had a good sign up. I was first for the day as well.
The girl who was drawing blood first asked me what arm I wanted them to use, I told her, "The good one". I told her whatever one she thought was best. So she first had me sit on one chair and tested my left arm. I told her, "You only get one shot, so make it good." To which got a couple of people agreeing with me saying that's all they got too, and chuckling from the blood drawing people. Then she asked me my blood type, and when I told her it was O- the other blood drawing people told her she better not mess up, they needed it. She decided to try my other arm. So I moved chairs. She decided to stick with my right arm. She told me I have good veins, they are just deep, good to know I guess, if it ever came up. It wasn't so bad getting hooked up, similar to getting an IV when you go in to have a baby at the hospital. They gave me a pipe to hold and squeeze, which got me teased by the guy who donated in the chair across from me. "Is that real comforting?".
He and his wife came into the room to fill out questionnaires before boarding the bus and I KNEW right away they were from Utah by their accent. It was so fun to hear. Gina hasn't gotten the accent down right, so she can't give me my fill of it when I want to hear it. He was very talkative to everyone. His wife was done in 8 minutes 37 seconds, so he told his nurse they had to beat that time, making it a race. When she was checking his veins he asked her, "how do you like that one?" She said, "It's O.K." "O.K.!? That's an earthworm!" He exclaimed. Funny.

It came up in the conversations with the nurse lady that he and his wife had recently moved here from Utah, so he could go to school for an Hospital Administration degree at the U. I said, "I was wondering how long you'd been here! I can tell you are from Utah. I grew up in Sandy." And they said, "Sandy is where we are from!"

Small world :)

Monday Joel is going to some sort of job fair by the IRS, for government and military positions for accountants and financing. They said to bring about 25 resumes. Wish him luck!


Ginabear said...

Jen, for future reference, I will NEVER give you your fill of UT accents. I refuse to do it, you cant make me, hehe! I am stubborn with my O- blood, I will donate it allll when I die;) You are very brave! I have earthworm veins too which makes it more desirable but I just cant bring myself to get stuck! Maybe if I am blindfolded first?? Good Luck Joel!! I really hope he finds something!

Anonymous said...

We'll remember Joel again tonight. We never forget to include him by name in our prayers. Also, I'm trying to retrain my "spasmodic thumb also". My little finger is getting a workout on the backspace key. Connie said Lori's Mom had been talking to them about that "rule". I once predonated about 4 pints for myself which I didn't need and so they got to keep it. It was much easier than I thought. I think I'm too old now. Love all y'all. Turbo

Anonymous said...

Brave one getting your blood drawn! Good luck to Joel at the job fair!