Sunday, April 18, 2010


Growing up in Minnesota you hear the word "hotdish" often. Any time people get together with food there's a hot dish in the mix.
Tonight I am craving something, can't put my finger on it. I think I've narrowed it down to hot dish, but I can't be sure, because I don't know that I've actually ever eaten a hotdish before. I googled "hotdish" and found this explanation in Wikipedia "Hotdish is a variety of baked casserole that typically contains a starch, a meat or other protein, and a canned and/ or frozen vegetable". Yup, that sounds like what I'm craving. Most recipes I found consisted of elbow mac, hamburger, tomato of some sort (canned, stewed, soup), spices and maybe corn or cheese. Okay, sounds like something I can make.... with a few modifications.
Jaeden just asked me what is for dinner. "Hotdish", I answered. "What is hotdish?", she asks. "A bunch of food mixed up and served in a hot dish", I answer. "What kind of foods?", she asks.... "Hmmmmmm", I think, "do I tell her the truth?". She wasn't happy about my answer. "Tomato!?" she cries. I hope she doesn't end up growing up to be one of those freaks that don't like tomatoes.
so now I'm debating what I want to put in my hotdish. Maybe if it works out I'll post the recipe here. Right now the hamburger is browning and I think I need to grate some cheese.


Kate said...

HEY! I resemble that remark . . . *I* am one of those "freaks that don't like tomatoes"! :P
Seriously though, hope the hotdish turned out well . . . and please post the recipe! :)

Jen said...

It ended up being gross, lol! Next time I'll follow someone's recipe.

JoAnne Dittmer Photography said...

Hot dish. Pukers!