Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I hate going to the dentist. I just know every time I go I'm going to get a huge bill for it. I've had a history of horrible teeth. They've been much better since most of my molars are now fake. Just kidding (kind of). They've actually been much better since I stopped drinking pop and only chew sugar free gum.
Today I have to go in for a cleaning and x-rays and I have to have them look at my bridge that got a chip off of it this winter because of a cough drop. It's not noticeable to the eyes, just the tongue.
Last night I dreamed an old friend came back to visit me, or at least I thought she was here to visit me, but all she wanted was her shoes back. She came, she took them and left. Didn't stay to chat, didn't have time to bother with me anymore. She looked younger, skinnier and tanner.
I wonder what this dream means. Too bad they don't have a class at college called Introduction to Dream Interpretation.
Today while I was going to the store I got a phone call from the school nurse at Joy's school. She wanted to touch base with me on the situation with Joy's eyes. Last year when Joel was laid off the program "Gift of Sight" helped us pay for her exam and new glasses. It's been a year and she was checking up on the situation. That's fine. What I hate is when I have to talk to professionals and they try to get me to call this or that place to see if my kids qualify for low cost health insurance or such. I don't have extra money for insurance, not even low cost insurance. Don't you think if I did, I would??? Sorry people, but we live off of one man's income and we have student loans we are paying back and groceries, clothes, sports and gas cost an arm and leg. There is just no money at the end of the week for anything extra. We have a great doctor that has worked with us and charges less than she should for our visits and we don't take advantage of her generosity. But every time I turn around they want me to sign up for this or that, or contact this person or that for my kids health care. Sorry. My kids are pretty healthy and don't need a whole lot of extra care.... LEAVE ME ALONE! As of right now, I'm not breaking any laws paying my doctor cash for our visits. Obama would like to change that, but we'll see if that ever happens.

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Just thought that you'd like to know that a few years ago Mr. Laird Snelgrove who owned the place we used to byu ice cream decided to go back to school and when he graduated from BYU he was the oldest graduate ever ... in his ninties. Unfortunately he was ill by then and died soon afterwards. Turbo