Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I finally got all the kids rooms cleaned up. I just have to dust Jake's and go through the endless piles of videos and DVDs to figure out what ones are mine and where the covers are for the disks and the disks for the covers.
My body aches all over from all the bending, squatting and kneeling I did.
I went over to the college yesterday and registered for three classes next fall. I will be doing 10 credits, 12 is full time. I will be doing Introduction to Art online and then at the school campus I will be taking Introduction to Speech and General Psychology. I think this will be a good work load for me to start after taking one class this summer (along with a math prep class). I'm actually going to be doing two math prep classes in the next couple of months, the first is Elementary Algebra (I feel so dumb about this one) and then College Math prep class. These should get me up to place on a test into the higher math class that I need to complete to get my Bachelor's.
Jake is thinking about transferring to my college. He had better get a move on it if he is going to. YIKES! I was just thinking he had to get his application into the college he is at now by April 1, last year. It would be great if he could be at the same school as me, maybe we could have some classes together, and I understand how things are done at my school more than at his.
I saw a bunch of PSEO kids at the college yesterday when I was registering and I kept feeling like I should have been one of the parents there too, not the student. It's strange to think of myself going to college at such an older age, but I think there are a lot of people there that have at least 5 years on me, so I don't feel quite so odd, just a bit.
I need to get Joy out of the house, I've been ignoring her too much the last few days with cleaning and errands.

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