Friday, April 23, 2010

This just rips me up

This is my blog and I can write what I want and if you don't like it, you can leave, I'm ok with that. Really. I'm not one of those people who need the approval of others to feel good about myself.

I am sick and tired of this whole bleeding heart crap our country is into.
Subject of today's bleeding heart:
Oh, we can't racially profile anyone, because heaven forbid we might offend Jose who came here legally. However, it's ok for Arizona citizens, who are tax payers, who are protected by the Constitution of America to be raped, kidnapped, killed, etc. by illegals trying to get their drugs into America... oh yeah, that's OK because heaven forbid we make anyone feel a little uncomfortable about asking them "DO YOU BELONG IN THIS COUNTRY?"
Would an American be offended to show their citizenship status to a French policeman who's pulled them over for a traffic violation, to make sure they are in the country with a passport? Probably NOT! It's normal and even EXPECTED! But aparently we here in America can't do that to people in our country.
Also we should have our hearts bleeding money for the women who swim across the canal while in labor just to have their babies here, "to make a better life" for them. Hello? Do you know how many hospitals in California, New Mexico, Arizona and Texas have closed because the illegal babies ran their bank accounts into the ground? How is that better for ANYONE?????
I'm so tired of people wanting laws based on emotions instead of good common sense! Use your head people! They are here ILLEGALLY. Meaning, against the law! Meaning they are involved in criminal behavior! Coming here illegally is criminal whether you have weed in your pocket or not. Rules are rules for a freaking reason.
The US has laws about illegals being here... why are so many people against letting law enforcement enforce those laws? Arizona passed a bill today that makes it easier for their officers to check someone if they are a citizen. Did you know that most states have laws that won't allow an officer to make sure you are in the country illegally if they suspect you aren't??? Can you imagine going to any other country and their law enforcement not being allowed to ask you if you are there legally? You wouldn't dream of it! And you would never think twice when being asked for your visa, when they hear you speaking like an American. You wouldn't think "those dang racial French!". *roll eyes*.
Get a grip people. The law is the law, now let our officers and border patrol do THEIR JOB, which is TO PROTECT the US and it's citizens!
'Nuf said.