Friday, April 2, 2010

Small Blessings

So many of you know the little saga we had with Joshua having a really rotten teacher for the first half of the year. We'll call her Ms. Meanie
Well, the saga continues....
So, Ms. Meanie sees Josh in the halls at school every day and he says she sometimes stares at him and always has a mad look on her face. That would creep me out. From the last parent teacher conferences we know that all the teachers know something happened. Jaeden's teacher basically said so, but said she didn't want to get into all the details, but wanted us to know that she has some say in who Jaeden goes to next year. She said the teachers all get together and hash it out. That was good to know.
Anyway, back to Josh....
Last winter Josh's class (with Ms. Meanie) worked on a writing assignment where they wrote their family's traditions for the winter holidays. Josh worked very hard on his and I know he had to rewrite it several time so it was nice and neat and had proper punctuation.
Yesterday I was going through his backpack and found a book in there called, "Family Traditions". I opened it and it was a pop-up book he'd made out of his story. A lot of time was put into this book! It was so cool to see. I said, "Josh, didn't you make this in Ms. Meanie's class?"
He told me that he was coming out to the school bus for home when his friend Duky, from Ms. Meanie's class, ran up to him and gave the book to him telling him that Ms. Meanie had thrown it away and he had rescued it from the garbage!
I couldn't believe it! I know that Duky risked something to rescue this treasure for my Josh, I was so impressed! What a wonderful friend Josh has. What a rotten teacher to throw it away knowing Josh was still in the school and she could have given it to him by other means.


Anonymous said...

Jeez! What is wrong with this women that she is so terrible to a child...she should not be allowed to teach children at all!


Jen said...

I know! I'll be so glad to have summer break so we can get all this behind us!