Monday, March 24, 2008

Day 3

Day 2 didn't look much more different than day 3 of construction so I'll just show you that instead, since it includes the reinstalation of my dishwasher. There are a few detail things that need to be finished off on this side of the kitchen. The kickplates for the cabinets, the heat vent needs to be put back, the bottom of the dishwasher as well. Then I do have to paint the kitchen next summer because when we took off the old backsplashes (which were glued on) some of the glue was too high and the paper tore from the wall, and it is higher than the new backsplashes, so I will have to fix that by painting. I'm not too happy about that. I hate the look of painted panel walls. I kind of like my leaves.

Someone asked me what a manufactured home is. It's a house that is built in a factory instead of on a foundation. Sometimes it gets set up like a mobile home (like in our case) and sometimes it is put on a foundation later (like we plan to do in the next couple of years).

Here's how you have to "step" the floor when you install it... the blue stuff is padding with a vapor barrior.
Here's the north wall almost finished.

And a closer look at the wood.

Here's a closer look at the counter top we put in, and you can see where some of the wallpaper had been torn off.

Now for the rest of the week we will be working on mostly the floors and perhaps one of the walls might have to be replaced, depending on how easily we can tear off the entertainment center on the other side of it. DH unscrewed all of it, and it's still not budging. We're a little worried there might be glue involved, in which case, the wall will be ruined and we will have to rebuild it. Fun.


Ginabear said...

OMG Jen!! That is looking soo awesome! I love the wood look! I bet the smell is awesome too! Hooves about the wallpaper though. I cant wait to see it all finished!! said...

looking great!