Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Thursday's Thumbs

Thumbs Up!

Hair Product-FX Flat Iron (sheer silky smooth heat memory flat iron spray)- I've been looking for a product that will help me tame my wild shorter hairs that are really my wiry grays, but died, when I decided to try this product. When I first sprayed it on my hair I was a little worried because the odor made it smell similar to hair spray, and I became worried that my hair would fry in the iron when I did get around to ironing it after it dried. However, after reading the ingredients I see there is no alcohol in it. So maybe it is ok. (I'll be watching for split ends in the next coming weeks.)

The directions say to spray it on your hair when it's dry, before ironing. I always spray mine when it's wet along with Infusium 23, let it air dry and then iron because my hair dries out so much if it's wet when I iron it. This made my hair super soft and helped only a little to tame my wild grays. However I did like it enough to give it a thumbs up because of how it made my hair feel and my hair held it's flatness overnight longer than it does with just the Infusium 23.

Workout Bra- Danskin Now. Ok, so I've rated their socks two thumbs up, and I am still loving them! This time it's the bra. I totally love this workout bra. I bought it at WalMart for something like 10 bucks. It has the racer-back. I loved it so much I went back for two more. It gives great support, doesn't pinch or hurt anywhere, the cups are firm with no wire in the under wire department. I think I'll go back for more, just to have for the future.

Thumbs Down!

Edible Easter Grass- This kind I bought in a 4 pack from Sam's Club. I thought, "How brilliant!" now instead of throwing it on my floor as they do every year, they'll eat it instead!"


It ended up on my floor still, and it tasted like "sweetened styrofoam" according to my husband and eldest son. I thought it tasted like shredded ice cream cones. Probably not a lot of difference between those two descriptions. Next year we'll be back to the obligatory plastic grass.


Amber said...

I found you off of LDS Women Bloggers and what a great site! And hear, hear on that blasted Easter grass. Like those plastic eggs, I think they reproduce!

Stacey said...

Eating grass just sounds so wrong. I hate that stuff,it's so messy!

Ginabear said...

Yah, when I saw it at the store it looked so nasty. If I am gonna eat grass it will be from outside with ranch dressing!! Easter grass is evil in any form!!

Anonymous said...

Ha, ha, ha,
At least we have a real woman here to tell us about good bras, and bad easter grass!

You are sooo funny!

But I do want to try that hair stuff!

Luv ya,

Michelle said...

I'm picturing eating the grass, it's making me gag. Sorry it was awful!

And what, no bra pictures? Geez, now I'll never know what kind to get. ;)