Monday, March 17, 2008


Oh my, I'm so nervous. Tomorrow my husband wants me to clean out the bookshelf and the entertainment center so that he can tear up the carpet in the family room. Wednesday begins phase one of our home remodeling adventure.

*Chewing on nails*

Our new cabinets should be ready by next weekend, but just to be careful we are starting with the other end of the house so that hopefully the cabinets will be ready by the time we get to the kitchen. We've given ourselves about 12 days to get all the work done.

I am going to be so happy to get rid of that nasty carpet! I just wish we had enough money left to carpet the living room too. The home is 4 years old and this is what they call "starter carpet". It started matting within the first few months. My kids used to drink cool aid all the time, and I've cut them off from that. They are now strictly water, or milk at the table. Somehow they are still soiling the carpet often because I have to keep using my steam cleaner every couple of months to get out gray spots. The steam cleaner works really well, it gets out so much dirt! And it fluffs up the carpet again, although it can't get rid of the old cool aid stains. But it doesn't last long with these kids. They are so rough on everything! I painted last summer and my walls look like crud again. That makes me sad. I can't wait until they are all over 8 years old.

The new floor will stay looking nice much much longer *crossing fingers*. Might be good to do a little throwing out during this time as well.

Wish us luck! And be watching for pictures to come!


Anonymous said...

Good luck on the carpet.

For the wallls, I know, I remember my house when the kids were little. There is no sense in washing the walls. Well, I mean you can, but the stains still show. What really helped is to keep a can of the paint I originally did, and just redo the rough spots every year or so. It blends right in. You don't have to mask or do the whole thing.

Luv ya,

Ginabear said...

I am so excited for you! I wish I could come help you, it sounds like sooo much fun! There better be some serious pics goin along with all this...just so I can feel like I was there ;) Good luck my friend I cant wait to see the finished product! And I hope there isnt too much grief to go along with it, if you kwim ;) said...

awh this is exciting for you jen.

crossing my fingers for you, too dear. glad you came by tonight. you knocked my socks off with your fiction feedback. that made me grin so big. thanks much, kathleen said...

and yes, you're so right. blog love is awesome!

Michelle said...

More good luck coming your way! You're going to be in heaven with the turn out. I can't wait to see it! 12 days, wow, that just blows me away. I hope it goes smoothly.

So is 8 the magic number to having a cleaner house with children? Sweet.