Friday, March 28, 2008

Oh I am a bad momma

I totally spaced out last night's reception for the honor roll students, of which my oldest son was one of! UGH, I feel so terrible! I have been so proud of him for doing so well. I especially was worried he might not get back into the swing of public schools when he went back, it has thrilled me that he's adjusted so well.

I hope I still get my bumper sticker.


Ginabear said...

You arent a bad mom! There have been a lot of things goin on for your family. You should be so proud of "J" He is so smart and such a good young man, thanks in part to you being such a good mom! If you dont get your bumper sticker, I will make you one!! :) Didnt he remember either? said...

jen, you're awesome. remember, you are more awesome. he he.

you have a lot going on hon. it is okay.

smiles, kathleen :)

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Yeah,
Honor "J"
What a guy
You'll reach the sky!

Your Auntie