Tuesday, March 4, 2008


This is going to be a picture heavy post, but most pictures will be sooc with a crop. "I must, I must, I must decrease my butt." Yes, that is the war chant theme of my mornings now days. Today as we left the Y Joshua asked, "Mommy, are you skinny yet?" ... to which I suggested we had McDonald's for lunch. I was good and had the apple walnut salad, yummy! I am feeling like it's doing something. My muscles are feeling tighter. I've been doing weights and cardio and I've been every day in the last week except Sunday.

Yesterday before going I played the YMCA song here on my blog for the kids and took a couple of pictures of them dancing to it.

Sunday is the night we have our Family Home Evening, because of conflict of schedules with Joel's school and work. Joel worked this weekend and it was his turn to do the FHE lesson. I was talking with the kids about it, and suggested we just have a game night, but Joshua begged me to let him do the lesson. OK! He asked me for a picture of Jesus and a picture of Jesus with his disciples in a little boat and Peter sinking in the water, a picture of the nativity and a CTR (Chose the Right) ring.

His lesson ended up being a little potpourri of everything Joshua knows about the Gospel. He started out with a picture of Jesus and then proceeded to grill us about what we knew about him. Then he showed us the picture of Jesus with his disciples and grilled us about that picture, even though I had told him the story of Peter just an hour before.

Then we talked about the birth of Jesus, to which he asked us, "And what holiday was that on?" Hahaha. We had to correct him on that.

We ended the lesson with talking about what CTR stands for. I found his ring, so he used that for a prop. We talked about being nice and being honest and making good choices.

Then we ended the evening with a couple of games of Farkle and some creme filled cookies. I got my camera out for that one.

Here's a cookie... yummy!

This is Joel getting a "Farkle!"

Check out this fast shot I got!

Jake is a whiz with stacking things. Someday I'll post his house of cards.

Far be it for me to get the camera out without trying to get something a little artistic shot.

This is "sweet" little Jaeden comforting Jake when he farkled... but little did we know a little dice shark lived inside that sweet innocent thing dressed in pink with puppies and kitties on the front...

Yeah... this is her "Game is on!" face.

And she was the winner... handing our butts to us on a cookie.
Grandma and Grandpa Hill, better watch out when we come back to town! She'll give you a good game!


Ginabear said...

Soooo cute of them doin the YMCA dance! I love the shot of the pop. Way cool! You have so much fun at your house! We need some before and after pics of you too!! And you doin the YMCA dance! Keep it up my friend!

Stacey said...

Cute pics,it looks like you all had a fun family night! :)

sogratefultobemormon.wordpress.com said...

very cool jen!

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, ..
oh yeah, ...
Jaeden's gonna win!

Anonymous banana