Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Good grief!

Ok, so not only is the gray sweat shirted guy scum, but he's also an idiot.

He had my husband putting in the floor the wrong way. UGH! Now we have to take apart much of it and now try to do it right. No wonder several pieces were breaking! I was getting a little worried when I saw how many were breaking from trying to tap these pieces together. Turns out we are supposed to do a whole row at a time. Hook them up end by end and then tap the sides into the last row... duh! Instead "bone head" had dh tapping them in one piece at a time both sides.

Since the fridge is already on some of it, we will keep those rows as is and put a transition piece in the doorway on that wall, but the rest of the rows we can do right. So glad I got involved and read the details on the back of the box! Dh did too, but he listened to the idiot and decided to do it that way.

This is the last time I have remodeling done in my home without my complete supervision, lol!

Now I have to run over to the hardware store and get a transition (or two just in case). I'm hoping the floors might be mostly done by Saturday afternoon.

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sorry hon. what a drag. said...

this post needed some comment love.

glad you guys figured out the better way.

nighty night, kathleen