Thursday, March 6, 2008

Sad Passing Away

Tomorrow will be a sad day for us. We lost a friend in the ward to liver cancer. His first prognosis gave him 2 years at the most to live. He lasted 4 and a half. I know he was diagnosed about the time we moved into the Shoreview Ward. I didn't know what with, and I'd assumed that he had been cured. I had no idea he was terminal. He was able to stay home until the end, not needing hospice care.
They have at least 4 children that I know of. The youngest daughter was in Laurols when I was the Young Women's President. She was awesome. She was the first to finish her Personal Progress under my presidency, and received her Young Womanhood Recognition Award.
They are such a neat family and I feel so badly for them. Their boys are such kind wonderful kids. When Jake broke his leg they brought by a plate of cookies for him and called to see how he was doing. One of the boys is and Eagle Scout and graduated from High School last year, and the other one is Jake's age.
When I was Young Women's President we had a fireside for our youth where we had some people come and talk about Christmas traditions. This family is where I got the traditions, I've recently shared with people, that I've incorporated to our celebration to put Christ in the center of our celebrating. I got the testimony candle and wrapping baby Jesus ideas from them.
Tomorrow is his funeral. I've been asked to bring a desert for the luncheon. How can you go wrong with chocolate brownies?
When we first found out about it the two counselors in our Bishopric were visiting at our home and told us about Ed passing away the night before. One of the counselors said that the next day he was feeling pretty grumpy, and then realized that it was because of Ed's passing. Then he said that during his thinking about it, he began to think about how it was for Ed. What an amazing day of discovery! That's a really great way of thinking about it. He will be reunited with friends and family he knew before. Probably able to meet Brother Joseph or Brigham Young and see President Hinckley.
Man, my life is so blessed because of the Gospel, and because of my knowlegde that this is not the end... it's only part of the begining. How amazing will that be for me when it's my turn. (Hopefully 50 years from now *wink*).

Side Note: I know this is really dumb, but I am feeling some guilt because this last December Ed's wife Christine asked me about photographing their family at Christmas, when all of their kids would be there. She was thinking on Christmas Eve. I was feeling the stress of the season, and I had all my stuff in storage, and the sun sets so early that time of year... anyway, story short I declined. Now I am feeling horrible. I should have done it. Should have said yes. Then they'd have a picture of their family the last Christmas spent with their dad... *sigh*... I wish I'd known he was terminal.


Ginabear said...

Death is a sad thing for those left behind but I totally agree with you Jen..the knowledge that we have of the gospel is awesome! As sad as it is, I know it helps me to remember the plan, to know that those on the other side are waiting with open arms. I cant even imagine the welcome! said...

ah jen,
sorry for the death of your family friend. you have great memories to enjoy, glad for that.

don't do this to yourself about the photo op. you did not know he was terminal. they could've gone somewhere but chose not to. you are not responsible for that. you said no likely because you weighed it against all the other demands on you. things have been tougher than usual for you and your family. you're doing great. and you are awesome, so please try to focus on the good memories girl.

love ya friend,

Stacey said...

I'm sorry for your loss. *HUG*

Anonymous said...

Oh, my. You really got me in the heart. It's so hard to see someone go. Someone so real in your life. It's amazing how people touch our lives for good.

Thanks for sharing your feelings, and your faith. Also your regrets. It's hard, and sometimes you have to say no, to protect your family's time. But in sharing,it helps us keep trying to be more in tune.

Luv ya,