Monday, March 31, 2008

Sooooo close!

And yet so far.

We almost have the remodeling done! It is looking sooooooo nice!
All the cabinets are in. One counter top was the wrong size so I had to go back and get them to exchange it for a new one. That should be in within a week.

What we have left:
1. Kick plate on the island
2. Trim bought and stained and applied.
3. Hallway floor installed.
4. Entryway floor installed.
5. Throw all junk into dumpster.
6. Clean up the sawdust.

I've got all the food and pots and pans and such all put away.

Next weekend we are maple syruping at the Audobon Center in Sandstone MN.
I am so looking forward to that and bringing the camera along for some sweet shots.

I'm also looking forward to having some time later in the week to check out everyone's blogs that I am so super far behind on. I'm so sorry people I've been a bad blogging buddy to you guys!

I also wanted to put up my blogging awards again. When I changed the template it took them all down. I finally figured out how to change the blog look and not lose my extras.

Can I also mention how terribly sick of the snow I am!?


Ginabear said...

Looks like things are falling into place! I am glad its moving along at a good pace! Sweet shots of maple syrup, hehe! We still love you, even though you arent caught up on our blogs! It happens with busy ppl like yourself:) Hope you are having a good week!

Michelle said...

Wow, almost done! Can't wait to see the AFTER pics!

Sorry about the snow. We just had some too and I'm ready for warm weather. :P

julie said...

Hi, this is Julie. You read the Calvin and Hobbes joke on my blog. Your blog is beautiful. Inspiring me to get a bit more creative.