Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Cutting ties

A couple of years ago I walked away from a forum that I'd been a member at for a while... sort of. It used to be run by someone, then they quit and then we picked it up and moved it somewhere else. I left because there were several personalities that I found difficult to get along with, and frankly I just walk away when I run into those kinds of people, sometimes after arguing with them.
I find it easy to drop people from my life. I don't know if that's a good thing or not, but it works for me. It's like cleaning out a junk drawer, sometimes you have to decide to just dump the whole thing and make it a towel drawer.
I've been on a photography board recently that was branched off another board when a member left. I followed thinking it would be good to keep networking with these people because most of them are local, but it hasn't paid off at all. I keep putting my name and my business out there to them... I'm looking to second shoot, or I'll respond to a post they make about someone needing a photog, but I see no evidence of them ever sending someone to my site. The only inquiries I get is from people visiting my site because they saw my work for someone else.
I see them talking about shooting with and for each other. This hurts. I hear good things from them about my work for the most part, I even have one of the newer people wanting me to be her photog for a trash the dress session... so I don't get it.
I asked one girl that I trusted to look at my site and to give me some CC. I know she's been to my site after that, and she told me she was still working on it, however I haven't heard a peep from her about it, which makes it hard because I'm wanting to revamp, but have been putting it off until I hear the feedback.
Guess I'll be going it myself because tonight I deleted that board from my favorites and have no way to find my way back, which is probably for the best. This time I decided not to delete my account because that would raise questions. Instead I'm slipping out into the night, so to speak.
All in all I'm not really losing out. I haven't learned anything new from them except that I'm stealing food from the "old farts" (as they call the more experienced photogs) kids mouths. Nobody else there shares any techniques.
There are two men there that I clash heads with... one for sure is a Gemini, so that explains that. Joel is the only Gemini I've ever gotten along with on a long-term basis.
Anyway, time to move on, find new "photog friends".


Tammy said...

Jen, I am sorry, that really stinks! The invitation to my board is still there. I have not had any problems with people there. They are genuine and are sooo willing to help. I love our group. And the only way someone can join there is by referal. Anyway, I know you have been burned many a time at boards. I am sooo sorry, that really bites!! And if you want me to give CC on anything ever, you know where to find me!! :)

Jen said...

Thanks Tammy! I might end up taking you up on those offers.

Michelle said...

It's disheartening when you expect more from a board or people and don't get anything. I'm sorry it didn't work out. I wish I knew more about photography to help you in return for all the advice you've given me. If I wake up one day as a genius photographer, I'll let you know! :D

Anonymous said...

Your head and heart are stronger than anyone's. Trust where you want to go.
Luv ya,