Monday, May 19, 2008

Minnesota is not Kansas

So this weekend my sister-in-law had a birthday party at her house. I'd spent the morning with a family doing a session and the weather was pretty nice. When I came home I took a nap because I had not slept well the night before. After that we went to my sister-in-laws for her birthday party. When we got there my s-i-l is trying to tape a table cloth to a table. That's when I started to notice the weather... how convenient I waited until we got there to decide that perhaps we should have brought jackets. It was windy and cloudy and a couple of times it sprinkled a little on us while we sat outside. She had a tent thing, but we weren't under it.

Joel and I talked about going home for jackets and I could tell he didn't want to go, but I made him be the one to go anyway.

So after he leaves we start getting some really big gusts of winds that were pretty seriously strong. They moved the table into their shed, so if it rained we could have somewhere dry to keep the food.

All of a sudden a huge gust came and everyone started running to the house, and whoop! The tent goes flying in the air and the next thing I know Jake is holding onto the leg of it keeping it from going farther! He gets his cat-like reflexes from me :)

So long story short- I saved Joel's life by making him go get coats, because if I had gone, they'd be calling my cell phone to tell me that they were taking him to the hospital with head injuries. His chair was right in the path of the oncoming tent.

It's just another day in the life of Super Mom :)


Ginabear said...

Here is some blogger love just for my you!!:)

I want you to put on your ruby slippers and make that wind blow you my way!! Glad Joel listened to you, he is in your debt now!! Muhahahaha! Glad everyone is ok! Scary wind, sheesh! said...

hi jen,
sounds like a cool amusement park ride :)

glad everyone is alright, kathleen

Michelle said...

Sounds like inspiration to me. I'm glad he was safe and everyone else too. I hope the food was good and you had fun otherwise. :)

Anonymous said...

Well, Dorothy, I hope you also saved Toto when that wind came.

You are the hero of the day.

My regards to your amazing son, who really showed his manhood! Way to grab onto that fly-away tent!

Luv ya,