Monday, May 12, 2008

Well, it started out well

However on the actual Mother's Day I woke up feeling horribly sick. It was really sad because Joel made me breakfast and then I ended up being too sick to eat it. I spent the entire day on the couch in and out of sleep, which normally would be heaven if my hips and all my joints didn't ache so badly. I was able to eat the chicken he cooked on the grill and several hand fulls (or would that be hands full?) of cereal later. The kids all made me cards. They also gave me a rose plant and they searched all over town for my most favorite ice cream- Bubble gum flavored. However they couldn't find any for sale and ended up getting me another flavor they thought I would like, but I wasn't feeling well enough for trying it. Maybe tomorrow when I get home from Enrichment.

Tuesday's Enrichment is about family vacations. We have one speaker talking about camping, I think, and one talking about local attractions, one talking about long road trips with kids, and then one talking about traveling tips, like peak times, getting great deals, how to pack, packing for air travel, etc. It should be a fun evening. I'm already working on June's, which is based on Kate Kirkham's talk, at BYU, "We Being Many Are One." We are basing it on her suggestions for three things that can accelerate our Relief Society (or ward, church) being one. Then we are having them do activities where they have to rely on each other to accomplish the task in a relay. It is promising to be a good evening.

So I am feeling much better today, my stomach is settled down, and am really excited to be getting my new teeth tomorrow!
If you've ever had one of those horrible dreams where your teeth are breaking or falling out, I've lived that horrible nightmare. It is my reality. So you can imagine how excited I am to be finally getting that under control and getting my mouth back to normal. I can imagine how tomorrow night at Enrichment I will at least once, just because it will feel so good, throw my head back in a good heartfelt laughter, and it will feel amazing. How many people will I give a huge wide grin to? I am going to try giving every lady that shows up tomorrow an amazing smile. Wish you could be there to see!


Ginabear said...

Sorry you werent feeling good on "your" day. You have a good little family to try to spoil you! Glad you are feeling better. I know that I cant wait to see your new smile. You seriously must be so excited! Guess I will just have to visualize it;) Oh and btw..I think its...hands full...haha, GG strikes again!!

Anonymous said...

I "so" had that teeth falling out dream so many times. I didn't know other people had it too.

I'm glad you get to have your teeth all fixed up while you are young enough to enjoy it.

Smile, baby, smile!

Brother D said...

I didn't realize the teeth falling out thing was a family trait! It's a recurring dream for me where one tooth gets bumped and now it's loose and falls out, and that starts a chain reaction with my other teeth falling out. I try to put them back in, but they won't stay.