Saturday, May 3, 2008

Kentucky Derby Winner

Well it was a beautiful day for a race! Sunny, breezy, the horses all shining and beautiful. My favorites, Eight Belles, Smooth Air and Monba.

NO WAY! BIG BROWN won from the 20th post! Freaking amazing. Although he wasn't my favorite, I was tearing up watching him pull from the farthest outside to take the lead. Amazing!!!

Sadly, our girlie girl Eight Belles, who came in second, was injured and at this time lays in the track with the equine ambulance headed her way... I'm so sad. Eight Belles was riden by an inexperienced 20-year old rookie jockey named Gabriel Saez.

ETA: They euthanized Eight Belles on the track that she came in on. This is so sad. The first filly to run in the Kentucky Derby since 1999. Poor thing broke her ankles racing against the big boys.


Anonymous said...

Yikes! I have had my head in the sand. Thanks for posting about the Derby. I'm so sad for Belles!
I'll look up the race on Utube, I guess.


Lorie said...

Well being from Kentucky...I love the derby!

Lots of stuff stil going on here about that horse dying and PETA is now claiming all kinds of stuff. Anyways, it is really sad!
Hope you are doing good. I heard you were starting a fitness blog, can I visit? I have a weight loss blog. I have now lost over 45 pounds and feeling really good and so much better about life! Come visit me when you get a chance.

Jen said...

Hey Lorie! So glad you visited!

Who told you I was starting a fitness blog?

I have been working out, trying to lose weight, not so successful on the weight, but getting some results with measurements :)