Sunday, May 4, 2008

Sad Sunday

My kids are confused about the race yesterday and keep asking me questions about why they had to destroy Eight Belles. It's hard for them to understand that horses aren't like people. We can't put them in a wheel chair, and one leg being hurt (as in Barbaro's case) can cause lameness in the other legs from the extra added weight.

We also have a family in our ward who are expecting their first baby. Sadly, this baby that has been long awaited for has several health issues, Down's Syndrome and a heart defect to name a couple. Today they weren't at church because they were in the hospital because of the baby. I think the little girl is due in July. I am hoping that things became stable and that they are ok. I wish I knew more specifically what to be praying for.

I remember when I had an episode in my pregnancy with Joshua, at 27 weeks along, where I know my water broke and my clothes were drenched in blood down to my knees. We had been outside enjoying a campfire, Jake had a friend over. The friend was teasing me and I got up and began to chase him, and fell a little. Nothing big. Later I had to cough and noticed a gush sensation when I did. It was dark outside so I went into the house to see what was up. I remember panicking when I saw blood, and the amount of it. I called Joel, sent the friend across the street back to his house, and we called the in-laws telling them to expect Jacob in a minute. As we got Jake and ourselves into the car Jacob was asking questions I didn't know the answers to about what was going on. I remember a peace coming over me as I told him, no matter what happens, this baby was ours. If not in this life, in the next. How thankful I was at that moment for the sealing power of the Priesthood, knowing that my children were sealed to me for eternity.

After we dropped Jake off, we headed for the hospital. I couldn't get the baby to move, no matter how much I poked and prodded. On the way to the hospital I called our Home Teachers to meet us there. They were so quick! They even beat the nurse with the heart rate monitor. We were left in the room for a few private moments, long enough for them to administer a healing blessing on me and the baby. I knew then that everything would be OK. When the nurse came in, she was able to quickly find a pulse for the baby, and immediately the bleeding and gushing stopped.

I stayed in the hospital over night, receiving two different ultra-sounds, neither of which could find a cause for leaking or blood. The Priesthood blessing had healed us. 11 weeks later I gave birth to a 9lb 6 oz beautiful baby boy.

I know it's not going to turn out so wonderful for this family, and I so wish it would! I wish with all my heart that things were different. However, I am thankful that this family has the comfort of the everlasting Gospel of Jesus Christ to help them through this trial. I've heard their testimonies of faith, and of how they have already been blessed by God through this heartbreaking ordeal. People have been placed in their path to help them through this. They have not been left alone or comfortless. What a blessing that has been.

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Ginabear said...

Jen, once again I continue to be in awe of your faith and testimony. You are very blessed to have that little boy in your life, I know he is yours for a reason! Thank you for being such an awesome example to me. I hope the people around you are blessed as well.