Thursday, May 15, 2008

Oh Yeah! Duh!

I totally forgot today was Thursday! Forgive me, it was a super busy day.
Thumbs Up!
Movie- Mr. Magoriums Wonder Emporium. Oh my gosh, this was a super wonderful movie. I so loved it! Dustin Hoffman was brilliant, the story was touching and magical. I will for sure be buying this one! Ten thumbs up!
Movie- The Golden Compass- Ok, I know I gave this a Thumbs Down! a few months ago. However I did decide to watch it, based on my friend's recommendation. I think separate from the fact of who wrote the story, and the books, this movie in it's self was a really great movie. I loved the special effects, the little girl in it was a great actress (I have issues with child actors) and I liked the story, it was very creative. I rented the movie, but probably will not buy it because I don't want my kids to want to get into the books, so it's probably a movie we will forget about.
Thumbs Down!
Movie- The Bee Movie- This movie bored my kids, it wasn't a great story, it was just ok. I'm not a tree hugger, so maybe that's one reason I didn't find it so fascinating.
On a side note: during my busy day today I had to travel downtown to Minneapolis, and exit right before the spot where the I-35W bridge had collapsed into the Mississippi river. On my way back onto the freeway I could see the construction very clearly. It was the first time I've been down there since the collapse. I'd been on it just days before it fell last summer, I was on it with Gina, even just days before! It was very sad to see it and remember what happened.
When I got on the freeway, it was weird entering a freeway, trying to build up speed and merge, and then remember there's nobody there to merge with because the road is gone from behind you.


Ginabear said...

Ugh! Yah, I remember feeling kind of a surreal feeling when you told me that the bridge we were just on days before had fallen. I cant imagine what that must feel like now when you see it, very weird!

Stacey said...

I wasn't fond of Bee Movie either. My kids have watched it twice since we bought it and they end up bored less than halfway through. I really need to stop buying movies that I "think" the kids will like. said...

really creepy feeling about the collapse.

i still catch myself occasionally when i go to one particular hall in my bldg to fill up my water bottle at the water fountain. i used to see a friend of mine just down that hall so many times. from way down the hall, she would wave at me all happy to see me. she died suddenly in a motorcycle accident almost 2 years ago. sweet soul. so often when i go to that water fountain, i look down the hall (like at the collapse in a way) and i almost hope that i will see her there again.

miss that friend. she was so good to me. but i didn't appreciate what i had until after she died.

sorry, downer comment tonight. your post got me thinking about it.

take care, kathleen

Brother D said...

We loved Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium too. I thought it was going to be lame and then found myself loving it almost immediately. Dustin Hoffman was tremendous, and I thought the kid with the hats was great too. The kiddos really want me to buy that one.

My kids know as much about The Golden Compass as they know about Barney, which is zilch! And it's going to stay that way.

Bee Movie - yup I agree. I liked the first five minutes, seeing life in the hive, etc. and then it just got really boring.

We saw Speed Racer last night. I know the critics are poo-pooing it, but we all loved it. I thought it was really fun, but could have done without the handful of swear words that were thrown in for no reason. I think your boys will like it.

Michelle said...

I've been debating on the Mr. Magoriums yadda yadda movie. I'm glad you liked it so much, I think we'll watch it too. What was the other one you recommended? The Water Horse maybe?