Thursday, May 8, 2008

Thursday's Thumbs

Thumbs Up!
Movie- The Water horse- Ok, I heard rumors that this had scary parts for kids, but my kids weren't really bothered by them. Maybe I've desensitized them, or maybe other people's kids are more sensitive. Either way, this was a good movie and I liked it a lot. I like how mostly realistic the water horse looked.

Toothpaste- Colgate Total- I've had a history of bad teeth and rapid decay issues. I started using this toothpaste at least twice a day for the last 5 years. A couple of weeks ago I had my first dental visit in four years. I had only one small cavity. I owe it all to Colgate Total! It saved the rest of my teeth! I can't rave about it enough.

Book- Miracles on Maple Hill- by Virginia Sorensen. A friend from church borrowed me this book. I think she said the author is LDS. It's kind of for teenagers, or younger readers like age 10-14. It's an easy read. I liked the storyline and the author's writing style. I almost felt like I could see all the forest and farmlands around them. It's a warming story full of promise and hope.

Thumbs Down!
I have no Thumbs Down for this issue.

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Beth said...

Hiya, Jen!

Hey, I've read that Virginia Sorensen book! I thought it was a cute story. And yes, she is LDS -- back when there were hardly any LDS authors, too!