Saturday, May 3, 2008

Derby Day!

If I were to buy a hat for the Kentucky Derby, this would be the one, hahaha.
I am a derby girl! I love horses. I have loved horses from the time I could walk, my mom has the gray hairs to prove it from the time she found me when I was very little outside in the backyard right under the horses bellies in our corral. She freaked out, but the horses stood as still as ever.
When I was 12 my dad bought me my own horse, Gidget. I spent 90% of my free time for the the next two years on Gidge either just riding around, or in western horse shows, or parades in the summer.
When I was a little girl I would dream of being a jockey, that was never to be, but I still have my dreams ;)
Today my picks are (and I tend to avoid the popular vote, and love to root for the underdogs) in no particular order, they are just the ones I'm rooting for:

Monba- 20/1- he was my first favorite, and I don't remember what made him my favorite, maybe something I heard about him and have forgotten. Maybe it's the name ;)

Smooth Air-25/1- This one became my favorite, after hearing about his 70 year old trainer,Bennie Stutts Jr., who has been a trainer for over 40years, and almost gave up the dream of having one of his horses make it to the Kentucky Derby. And now- today- he has finally had his dream realized. The horse almost had to be scratched after running a high fever last week, but seems to be back in top form for today's race. Watching a story about him, seeing him choke up as he entered the racing track and approached the Winner's Circle, I choked up with him. I can only imagine his feelings of joy, excitement, humility, and gratitude at making it to this final big day. I hope his horse runs really well for him, he should do really well against today's favorite Big Brown. On March 29 he went head to head with Big Brown in the Florida Derby and finished second. Run a good race baby!

Eight Belles- 16/1- Come on! You don't expect me to leave the only girl in the race hanging without another female's fanfare! You Go Girl!!!

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You go, girl!